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What is Cerezen?

Cerezen is a unique, pioneering medical treatment that effectively treats TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders) and associated symptoms such as Jaw Pain, Jaw Clenching and Tension Headaches, and can be worn day and night. Clinically effective, safe to use, they are custom-made, discreet, hollow inserts, worn in the ears.

The two custom-made, 3D printed hollow inserts sit in each ear canal; the nearest access point to the temporomandibular joint. While the pain relief Cerezen provides is profound, the inserts themselves are discrete and almost invisible. With small tabs for easy insertion and removal, they're comfortable to wear because they're custom made only for you.

Teeth grinding and jaw pain explained

Excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching – also called bruxism – can damage the teeth and cause a number of different painful symptoms. Collectively, these are often referred to as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Symptoms of TMD include:

  • Pain in the chewing muscles and/or jaw joint
  • Radiating pain in the face, jaw or neck
  • Jaw muscle pain or stiffness
  • Aching pain in and around the ears
  • Limited jaw movement or locking
  • Painful jaw clicking, popping or grinding when opening or closing the mouth
  • Headaches or migraines
  • A change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together
  • Avoid the daily grind

The science behind Cerezen

When you move your jaw, your ear canal also opens and closes. As the ear canal is so close to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), it is the perfect place to target the source of your symptoms.

When your customised Cerezen devices are inserted into the ear canal, they retain the shape of your ear canal in the open jaw position because they are made from a 3D printed rigid material. They effectively encourage the jaw to return to an 'open bite' position.

The result is a reduction in grinding, clenching and the amount of pain you experience.

Comparison with traditional treatments

  • Cerezen
  • Can easily be worn during the night or
    during the day
  • No adverse effects on speech and hearing
  • Conservative treatment so no long-term effects
  • Bite Splint
  • Potential adverse effect on speech
  • Can't be worn when eating
  • Possible long-term damage to the jaw

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