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Many people dream of getting perfectly straight and white teeth, but the thought of having a picture perfect smile is often just a dream for some. After all, it is not every day that you see someone sporting a smile that is straight out of a movie.

The tried and tested solution to getting perfectly straight teeth is braces. These offer 100% results, but there's a catch – you will have to sport a metallic smile for a couple of weeks or months. This is a turn-off for many, and is one of the main reasons why some refuse to get their teeth straightened through braces.

But what if you can get your teeth straightened without sporting a metallic smile? At PDC Dental, we offer clear braces in Barnsley that are all but invisible to the naked eye.

Invisalign braces are revolutionary; eschewing the cumbersome metallic aligners with custom-made, and barely invisible ones. The only time a person can tell if you are wearing braces is either when you tell them, or if they inspect your teeth up close.

Our clear, invisible braces in Barnsley is worn in two-week increments, gently moving your teeth in place. Unlike their metallic counterparts, these do not give of that trademark metal smile, and can be removed any time easily and discreetly. The treatment can be as little as six months to an entire year depending on how frequently you wear the invisible aligners.

PDC Dental's invisible dental braces in Barnsley will get you perfectly straight teeth without the hassle of sporting metal braces. When you book your Invisalign treatment with us, you will also receive a complimentary tooth whitening procedure, as well as a 3D computer simulation of how your smile will look after the treatment.

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