Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are the ideal solution if you have small, oddly shaped or spaced, and discoloured teeth, effectively covering them up to give you that perfect and radiant smile. These are wafer-thin and custom-made to have the shape, colour, and general appearance of your teeth.

This patient had always disliked the appearance of his upper front teeth which were spaced out and also worn down through grinding his teeth. He was treated with 8 porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of his teeth and give him more confidence in his daily life.

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her front teeth. She had very small lateral incisors which had previously been restored and a space between the front two teeth. She was treated with four porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of the upper arch.

These are made of pure porcelain or dental porcelain laminates, and are specifically designed to cover the front surface of your teeth – covering any imperfections or discolouration. Our veneers at PDC Dental are bonded directly in front of the teeth to change their colour, shape, and even size.

Porcelain veneers are the ideal solution if you want to address imperfections immediately without having to go through extensive surgery or reconstructive treatment. This treatment is usually for the upper and lower front teeth as these are the most noticeable.

With our porcelain veneers, you will never need to worry about smiling again. This procedure will give you the confidence to smile, speak, and eat properly without fear or your teeth's imperfections getting in the way. The best part is that since they are custom-made, they do not look artificial at all. Our team will assess your teeth carefully to create accurate and tooth-coloured veneers that look just like the real thing.

At PDC Dental, our dental porcelain laminates will improve the look and feel of your teeth, giving you the confidence to smile without having to worry about any chips, uneven teeth or discolouration ruining your grin. If you are interested in getting porcelain veneers or simply want to inquire what the procedure entails, then give us a call. We are happy to assist you and set up your appointment with us.

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