Written Testimonials

When I first came to see Alex it was at the end of a very hard period of 5 or more years of severe dental issues. I had become scared and anxious of visiting any dentist during this time because I knew what the outcome would be and I wasn't ready to face it. I always covered my smile in public and avoided eating certain foods, nobody knew the full extent of the damage as I had capped front teeth but knew they were breaking away. Alex was so understanding of my situation and non-judgmental he instantly put my mind at ease and made e comfortable with the procedure (All on four). All the way through my treatment Alex and all of the PDC team have been nothing short of amazing. I've retained my confidence, I can eat what I like and I don't hide my smile anymore because Alex made it perfect. Thanks to all at PDC for everything you do.


First visit to the dentist, I was a very nervous patient. Since coming to Alex Jones's Dental Practice I have become a more confident patient. It has built my confidence up! On a scale of 0-10 I would say 8-9. Thanks very much!!

Renata Green

I attended the surgery after 3 years of not attending a dentist due to my fear. I was pushed into coming by my husband but despite my initial apprehension, I am so relieved to have attended. The staff were extremely friendly and put me at ease. I started out being absolutely terrified to slightly nervous and I am now happy to say I can come to the dentist unaccompanied and feel ok doing so.

I really appreciate the time and patience that has been put in to talking to me and making me feel better about coming to the dentist. Thank you.

Nicola Mackay

Dear Alex,
Just had to write to say thank you very much for all your help and hard work not to mention loads of patience in helping me overcome my fear of the dentist. As you will remember when I first came to you I was absolutely terrified after having a bad experience at my previous dentist, but you made me feel at ease and didn't make me feel that it was my fault.

My gums and teeth were not in good condition, and after lots of treatment we both came to the decision of the bridge for the four bottom teeth one of which was growing behind the others. I was always self conscious about this, so when you said you could give me new teeth all in a row I was delighted. I never thought that I would be able to spend all that time in the chair having the work done, but you encouraged me all the way saying I was doing well which gave me more confidence. I now have my new straight teeth and cannot thank you enough, you have given me back my smile.

I would also like to thank your nurse who also gave me words of encouragement and held my hand at times.

But Alex, most of all, I would just like to say, in my opinion, you are the best dentist in the world.

Linda Dixon

My teeth were so bad that I could not smiles or laugh. I even stopped having fun. Now is a different matter, I am more confident about smiling and laughing.

Michael Edwards

After years of neglect and great fear of sorting out the ever worsening state of my teeth I managed to build up the courage to face these fears.

Alex was reassuring in my initial consultation. He explained the cost and procedure and I felt confident in his professionalism and his team.

The outcome of my work is total satisfaction and a big confident smile.

Ian Dickinson

I came to see Alex after I had been told by my NHS dentist that the treatment I wanted he did not have time to do.

My cousin had had treatment here and his teeth looked great!

I was made to feel very welcome and all my options were given to me.

I chose to have all my old crowns and fillings replaced. I am so very pleased with the results, my teeth look very natural and white, all my friends and family have made comment on how lovely they now look.

I have recommended PDC Dental to my husband who had treatment and his results are fantastic.

To all the staff I would like to thank you for looking after me throughout my extensive treatment.

Once again thank you for my lovely teeth!

Lynne Manterfield

Having had a stressful and traumatic year I walked into PDC Dental with the hope they could put a smile back on my face.

Being greeted by such lovely staff I was immediately at ease. Alex explained what treatment he could offer and promised and amazing outcome.

Every appointment I attended I received such professional service. I knew exactly what was happening.

It has been 3 months since the start of my treatment and I left with the most amazing smile. My teeth are so realistic and absolutely beautiful. I feel so confident now and that's all thanks to PDC Dental.

I cannot express how I feel right now, I am totally blown away. I will definitely recommend your services.
Thank you again.

Deanne Cooper

What a lovely experience at PDC Dental. Dentists Alex and Matt are the perfect mix of professional and friendly, and the nurse and receptionist Rachel are a true credit to the practice. I've felt completely cared for and looked after since the first consultation. Recommended to all my friends! Thank you.

Rebecca Dixon

I have been really pleased with the service I received at PDC Dental. One of the best bits of customer service was the offer of posting my braces out to me when I moved to London and couldn't afford to keep coming up to Penistone for my appointment.

Another excellent customer service was when Alex offered to post out a replacement brace to me in America whilst I was on holiday!

I have really enjoyed having my teeth re-aligned here, amazing experience from everyone from reception up to Alex, the dentist.

I will definitely be recommending their service to everyone I know that needs dental work and I look forward to enjoying my new found smile. Thanks everyone at PDC Dental, Femi x

Femi Agbenylo

Excellent result, I could not be happier. My implant looks amazing and exactly like my other teeth. I have a few more gaps and think I will definitely get them filled to. Thank you Alex, more than happy with the result.

Carly Boardman

I was recommended to Alex for an implant by my mother-in-law who has three implants which were placed by Alex. I came with a worn out crown which kept falling out and a tooth with a fractured root.

The initial procedure was relatively painless and the follow up procedures (3 in all) have been quick and painless too. The final result is excellent an a massive improvement on what was there previously.

I highly recommend both Alex and the procedure and would have another done when required.

Geoff Cunningham

After having a routine check up with Alex it was found that I required a dental implant as the nerve to my front tooth had died leaving the tooth fragile and at risk of fracturing.

Alex discussed the options available to me and discussed what an implant entailed and the stages required to complete the treatment.

Due to being extremely nervous and anxious Alex was required to reassure me several times over the telephone and face to face regarding the procedure.

The appointment was duly made and throughout the treatment Alex and his team always made me feel at ease and explained what was going to happen and when. For that I am truly grateful, it helped alleviate my anxiety.

I am certainly less nervous about attending the surgery for procedures and feel I couldn't have come to a better place to have my treatment.
Thank you.

Lynn Bridges

The best thing that I ever have had done for my teeth. Even my wife is impressed.

Christopher Goldthorpe BSc (Agric), MPhil, PhD

After an old bridge failed two and a half years ago it left me with most of the right side of my upper teeth missing. I had an immediate denture fitted. I was devastated to say the least!

I had to use denture glue, food got under the denture and I lost my confidence. I initially had a consultation with Alex and he outlined what my options were.

We decided on 3 implants which gave me four teeth and I had my other teeth whitened.

Alex was very professional and caring throughout my treatment. Surprisingly there was no pain with the implants.

The final results are amazing. My teeth look as good as they did in my 20's! I can eat what I want and I have regained my confidence.

I cannot recommend Alex highly enough. Thanks Alex, you've given me back my smile.

Barbara Dawson

Alex, I am really pleased with the treatment I have received from you, regarding my implants and crowns.

I have always had a fear of wearing dentures in later life, so now this is no longer the case.

I have found you to be very professional and explained each step of the procedure to me. I am very happy with the end result, and would not hesitate to recommend you.

Thank you for your kindness.

Linda Gilberthorpe

From my first contact with PDC Dental I have been treated with supreme care and friendliness. My initial visit was detailed and I felt under no pressure to proceed with the treatment. Alex was concerned that it was ok to use implants because of my medication, and researched any problems and the best way to proceed.

The implant placement, taking less than three quarters of an hour, was in no way unpleasant, and the advice to protect both the implants and my health was excellent.

Thankfully, allowing maximum time for the implants to become strong, I now have a "perfect" smile. I could tell Alex was well pleased with the outcome, as I certainly am.

Thank you to all the team, for your friendliness and care.


Jane Beardsall

Having lost quite a number of my bottom teeth and the rest being in a poor condition I was having to be very selective about what I ate. I asked Alex what my options were and he talked me through all of them. In the end I opted for the All-on-4 treatment. I was thinking of the future and how I was going to eat for the rest of my life.

I was extremely nervous about the procedure but Alex and his staff were very reassuring and the initial removal of the rest of my lower teeth was less of an issue than I feared.

There was bruising to my face but it was not painful and faded within a week. The rest of the process was also pain free and went very smoothly.

It is great to be able to eat what I want to and I really appreciate all Alex's skill and reassuring care. It was certainly worth it. Many thanks.

Sue Hyde

I have sat for many days with pen poised above paper trying to find the adequate words to express my feelings about the work you have done for me. Awesome, fantastic, unbelievable, miracle are but few of many.

After years of suffering I am able to eat without pain, drink without the worry of the temperature being too hot or cold and most of al I can now smile without the feeling of embarrassment.

The care and attention shown to me from my first assessment to the final fitting day has been excellent and at every stage reassuring. The whole team have been on hand to answer any questions and help allay any fears that I may have had about the procedure.

Today I looked in the mirror and what did I see? Lovely teeth and a new me, thank you so much.

A huge thank you to all concerned with my surgery. YOU ARE AMAZING.


Having been a top denture wearer for several years, I had a large amount of bone loss and didn't think that implants would be suitable for me. However, thanks to Alex and his team at PDC Dental I now have a full dental bridge attached to zygomatic implants and my whole life has changed. I now have my old smile back, have teeth that look natural and function perfectly and I am no longer afraid to bite into hard foods. At last I am free of fixing/re-fixing my denture with messy denture glues and feel and look (so I am told), 10 years younger. I would recommend this procedure to all.

Lesley Clarke

I was recommended to Alex by my dentist because I wanted some expert advice on dental implants. I had a bridge on one side of my upper right side of my mouth and dentures on the left due to the previous bridge failing. When I discovered my remaining bridge was on its way out, I was faced with the prospect of either burying my head in the sand, having the bridge removed and a full denture or implants. I knew that burying my head in the sand would still only leave me with two options eventually. I trust my dentist implicitly and know that he would only recommend someone who would treat me with the same care as he has done in the past and continues to do.

Alex was great. He talked me through my options and the process this would involve. Because I had a partial denture for some time, it didn't look like I had enough bone density for the normal implants to be placed. After my initial disappointment, Alex explained to me all about the zygomatic implants and the all on four system. After the consultation, I talked it over with my partner and mulled it over in my mind what seemed like a thousand times. I felt guilty about spending such an amount of money on myself. Luckily my partner was extremely supportive and convinced me to go ahead with it.

After the phone call to say yes, it was all taken care off. I was guided through the entire process and my dentist was kept up to date each step of the way. My scan was arranged as was a series of appointments with Alex and his team to continue the preparation work. The big day arrived for the implants to finally become a part of me. I arrived in the morning and was greeted by the team that was going to be taking care of me and take care of me they did. Naturally I felt a bit nervous but everyone was honest and reassuring. I was talked through what was going to happen and that even although I would be awake, I wouldn't be aware of anything that was going on, wouldn't feel a thing and would remember very little.

I work with the NHS and patient care, expertise and quality of service are paramount to me. That is exactly what I received from Alex and his team. At the time I didn't fully appreciate just how much of an expert it takes to provide the level and quality of treatment I had. I also didn't fully realise what it would do for my self-esteem and confidence. I do a lot of public speaking and training in my job and I had found myself feeling very conscious every time I was with people. I was surprised by how much it had affected me.

Now? I guess the greatest compliment I can give is that the only time I ever think about my teeth is when I look in the mirror for cleaning or when people comment on my smile and how nice my teeth are.

It is without doubt the best thing I've ever done for me.

A huge thank you to Alex and his team.

Colin Brotherston

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