Metal Filling

White Fillings

The smallest changes to your teeth can often have a huge impact on your smile. Minor chips, marks and colour defects are easily remedied. A small amount of white filling material that comes in many different shades is matched and moulded to your tooth. This is a quick and inexpensive process with remarkable results.

Many people have had (silver) amalgam fillings in the past which they now feel are unsightly. White fillings match the colour of your teeth so look completely natural, are long lasting and an increasingly popular choice. Many people decide to switch to white fillings when older style amalgams need replacing due to wear and tear. However, if you have dark or discoloured fillings that are visible when smiling or laughing, you may like to change them for aesthetic reasons.

Up to 12 months interest free credit available on all treatments.
Please call Sara at PDC Penistone on 01226 762242 and Mandy at PDC Barnsley on 01226 290017 for further details.

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